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Plaid JA20C12 PS pattern by mistrjosh Plaid JA20C12 PS pattern :iconmistrjosh:mistrjosh 14 0
Believe in yourself! :)
I’ve been receiving a lot of notes this week with the same message. People are thanking me because I gave them a llama/fav/watch. But those persons also say something which makes me feel bad. They tell me that they don’t deserve it because I am a ‘better’ artist. They are also afraid to upload something because they think nobody will like it.
A long time ago I was like that too. I was convinced that I couldn’t draw at all. I was afraid to upload my work on deviantART. But one day I said ‘whatever’ and I uploaded one of my artworks. A small amount of people actually started to like it! I also got a lot of negative feedback and really harsh comments. It made me sad to read comments like that. But I kept practising a lot, instead of giving up, and I learned something important from it: use negative feedback to become better and enjoy the positive feedback.
It’s true that some artists have more talent but it doesn’t mean y
:iconcaptainghostly:CaptainGhostly 321 708
I watched as your parents abandoned you. by JWiesner I watched as your parents abandoned you. :iconjwiesner:JWiesner 4,312 244 Teen Depression by carts Teen Depression :iconcarts:carts 1,159 41 Rose study by EnniArt Rose study :iconenniart:EnniArt 96 37 Flower Cards by ChiakiNeko Flower Cards :iconchiakineko:ChiakiNeko 24 9 Lime trees by micorl Lime trees :iconmicorl:micorl 179 11 Hel by micorl Hel :iconmicorl:micorl 665 38 Cancale by micorl Cancale :iconmicorl:micorl 667 50 Gdynia by micorl Gdynia :iconmicorl:micorl 464 37 Fireworks 5 by DaXXe Fireworks 5 :icondaxxe:DaXXe 1,200 89 Arachno Dectus repaint 1 by masocha Arachno Dectus repaint 1 :iconmasocha:masocha 269 22 ED 2 by masocha ED 2 :iconmasocha:masocha 348 32
Somewhat Realistic Cynicism
In the end most friendships resign to simply minor or major disappointments.
:iconproverbialintrigue:Proverbialintrigue 2 1
Cynicism stands beside me,
even within my dreams.
Ever strong and always guides me
in every way it seems.
Comforts me in infinite wisdom.
Such assurance is all I need.
Before I journey into the kingdom
best to pay the devil heed.
I heard him whisper the secret to me.
"Everything won't be okay."
An idealists' nightmare in these words to believe,
but they lead no man astray.
For cynicism is my mentor,
and I know the truth he holds.
He's opened my eyes and opened the door
to a fantastic world untold.
:iconsnowmanhunter:SnowmanHunter 3 20
Cynicism is the hallmark of our generation. We know exactly what this is all about. We have you all figured out. We hold no childish illusions about peace or love. We are well acquainted with oil prices, multinational conglomerations and political scandals. We have seen armed resistances, environmental catastrophes and genocide. The hope we hold for humanity is sparse. Our awe and wonder has been dulled to the point of trite witticisms and scorn. We have a reply to everything and nothing escapes our judgement, even ourselves. We are suffocating in our own cynicism.
What we do not realize is that it's not true. We don't know everything. We don't understand the way the world works, or even the way we work. The judgment we have pronounced on ourselves and the world is unfounded and unnecessary. There is so much more. Our science cannot comprehend the beauty of nature. Our models cannot stand against human resilience and the will to live. Our message of depression cannot drown the song of
:iconatomherrerin:atomherrerin 2 4



Today's the day us Brits get to decide whether we stay in the EU or go it alone and float our little island out into the Atlantic. Had they held this ballot three or four years ago, I would have voted Leave, but having spent the last three years repenting and coming back to my senses after having my head turned by a sociopath, I've been to the polling station and voted for the Remain camp, as have all three of my sons. My husband has just set off, intending to make up his mind as the pencil hit the ballot paper. I'm pretty sure he will vote remain, but he likes to play his little game of 'maybe I did, maybe I didn't' so I'll never really know. It doesn't matter, 4:1 is good enough for me.

Lots of reasons why I chose remain, high up there being that I don't trust the far right of the Conservative party not to ruin our country utterly. Who needs the EU with Boris Johnson the liar and serial adultery, Michael Gove the education ruiner, Nigel Farage the gurning beer holder and Iain Duncan Smith the disabled-slayer jostling for power? As well as all the uncertainty over trade deals and so on. The British media are relentlessly anti-Europe, and BoJo has more than played his part in that over the decades since he wrote for The Times and set the tone that the media have followed ever since. I want to know more. I want to feel engaged in the European political process, and I wish our MEPs were too. Nigel Farage, our fisheries representative to the EU, only turned up for one debate out of 42 possible, and we wonder why such indifference results in our interests not being adequately represented. He would rather stand on a street corner with a pint in his hand, grinning like a fool. If we put in some effort, we could lead Europe and cut those striking French out of the loop.

Enough of that.

Last night my friends and I went to see the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie due to lack of anything more appealing in the cinema. We were the only ones in the cinema, which was a shame really as it was a load of fun, even though it was one of the daftest movies ever. It was very predictable, but an enjoyable romp nonetheless. I know a lot of people hate Michael Bay movies and my hopes were low, but in this one even Megan Fox was moderately entertaining.

Still can't wait for Suicide Squad. It won't be much longer.

I've bought a DSLR camera, so may well post some shots soon and I'm painting again too, which is good. Same old story, not enough hours in the day.

Update:  The world seems to have gone completely mad over the last week, especially here in the UK. Whilst I was against the whole idea of us leaving the EU, and don't think we should have been offered a referendum, I am nonetheless find it hilarious to watch the political classes running around in total disarray like an ants' nest that's been given a good kicking. In some ways I'm glad this has happened as it does at least give us a chance to reclaim our own political process back from the hands of those who have sold us down the river, but I'm not sure how that can happen.  Westminster is still full of public school PPE types with no clue about the realities of life across the UK for those who don't happen to have been born with advantages. I didn't want Boris Johnson to be PM but now that he's run off with his tail between his legs, I have zero respect for him. Having ruined the UK, he's taken the very first opportunity to do a bunk from the mess. Coward.

Went to see The Secret Life of Pets last night and that took my mind off the whole crazy hot mess of politics for a while, it was really funny and entertaining.


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